Politics of Persia and a Sultan of Sense

I am not an Iranian. I am not an American. But I have been in positions of conflict. And found them difficult. And therefore, I am happy. Really happy with this interim arrangement crafted between Iran and the six global powers. Drop in oil price is a good enough reason to smile but there is more:

  • this is a conflict that is older than half of our world’s population (median age of the world is just short of 25 years)
  • this is about restoring ‘dignity to the nation‘ and to around 80 million Iranians
  • this is about mediation by a country that is comparatively small and a statesman who is incredibly wise – Oman was a secret venue and Sultan Qaboos the mediator
  • I have, so very often, and so very naturally, been trapped. Restricted by vision of a future that is past ensnared. It has happened with family members, it has happened with colleagues and it has happened with friends. And it nags. It pains. As I get older (not old), I find conflict a waste of human ingenuity. Therefore, I have started to unravel, negotiate and attempt solutions.

    And this has always happened by building a ‘what-if’ scenario. What if there were no wars? Often when bilateral engagement was awkward, I found mediation useful. Leaders I have worked with have had a wonderful way of intervention. Often without invitation. They assess, provide a place and time to meet. They inject empathetic prodding to keep the conversation going. They offer their personal commitment for making it work. They believe.

    I am not an Omani but I am really thrilled to be with many. After all, this was an agreement crafted by many princes of politics and the Sultan of sense.

    #theyeahway: it may be natural to get into situations of conflict and sensible to get out of them.


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