God once played cricket

I was 28 when i first witnessed Sachin play for India. And I was hooked. It was possibly the combination of his vulnerable child-like looks, his immaculate politeness & humility combined with his magical, smooth yet make-no-mistake aggression and ability to dominate that grabbed attention. This was an infatuation that would become love with theContinue reading “God once played cricket”

Love on the Sill

Monday morning. Adrenalin building for an imminent business meet. Suddenly I spy. Love at the work-place. Love on the edge. On my office window-sill. Unabashed, unapologetic, intimate, tender. Monday morning blues? Whatever. And if I had, the sun and moon And they were shining I would give you, both night and day Love satisfying FeelContinue reading “Love on the Sill”