In quick succession handful of key team members have submitted their resignations. These are individuals with solid performance record. It hurts. But now lured by significant salary increase, they said “I Resign”. More money is a very poor reason to leave. But more money, combined with the following,¬†make moving-on right. When challenges die: have youContinue reading “Resigned”

Saying Yes to a No

Some months back a leading head-hunter called. They had a mandate for a real cool opportunity in the region (Middle East). Nice company. Nice job.¬† With all the benefits and limitations of a Middle East opportunity. The head-hunter did his job (real well) and got me to start the process. Online psychometric tests with resultsContinue reading “Saying Yes to a No”

Don’t follow the Script (or how to recruit well)

I was out today trying to recruit a suitable person. And realized, as i have many times over, that i struggle while recruiting. And that there is something flawed about the current process. Let me try and explain: A Company is chugging along. A gap is felt. Often triggered by an emotive experience – gapContinue reading “Don’t follow the Script (or how to recruit well)”